Boyfriend Deep Love Love Shayari – Whispers of Passion

Boyfriend Deep Love Love Shayari: Whispers of Passion

In the depths of love, where hearts collide,
A tale of affection, ever to live.
I weave this Shayari, with feelings true,
For a swain, whose love I will always pursue.
Your love, dear Swain, runs deep and wide,
An ocean of passion, with each rising drift.
In your warm grasp, I find solace and peace,
A love so profound, it’ll noway cease.

Boyfriend Deep Love Love Shayari: Heartbeat Call

With every beat, my heart calls your name,
In your arms, I find a love that’ll noway constrain.
You are the anchor in the storms of life’s sway,
Guiding me through the darkness, come what may.

Boyfriend Deep Love Love Shayari – You smiling like a sun of the day

Your smile, like sun, lights up my day,
Chasing down shadows, in the most magical way.
Your touch, like a tale, ignites a fire within,
Melting my worries, as our souls begin to sing.

In your eyes, I see a macrocosm innumerous,
A love story written in stars of pure gold.
Together we trip, hand in hand we bat,
Creating recollections, that’ll ever be known.
Through highs and lows, our love will endure,
An unbreakable bond, loyal and pure.

Boyfriend Deep Love Love Shayari: Deep Love

In the shade of love, we’ll eternally weave,
A love so deep, our hearts will no way leave.
My dear Swain, you’re my heart’s delight,
In your presence, everything feels just right.
With each passing day, my love for you grows,
ever and always, in our love’s sweet prose.
So then is a Shayari, penned with love so true,
For my swain, who makes my dreams come true.
In your grasp, I have set up heaven over,
For you’re my deepest love, my eternal love.

Boyfriend Deep Love Love Shayari – The fear of your separation more than death

Where it’s a night of love and the morning of affection.

I wake up from sleep and keep searching here and there,

I love you more than my life, I fear your separation more than death,

If you want, try loving someone else more than me, In my life, nothing is greater than your voice.

Just your absence leaves a small void, Even if I smile a million times,

there’s still a hint of moisture in my eyes.

Become the necklace of my arms, Become the sparkle in my eyes,

Become the heartbeat of my heart, Become the fragrance of my breath.

Boyfriend Deep Love Love Shayari – Your symphony of hearts for me

In a world adorned with stars above, There exists a love, pure and true, my love.

A melody that dances upon the breeze, A symphony of hearts, forever at ease.

Oh, fair maiden, a vision so divine, You grace my existence like rarest wine.

Your beauty, a canvas of delicate art, With each passing moment, you captivate my heart.

Boyfriend Deep Love Love Shayari – Two pools of ethereal love for you

Your eyes, two pools of ethereal grace, Reflecting the moonlight,

a tender embrace. Within their depths,

I find solace and peace, A sanctuary where all worries cease.

The glowing eyes with you love symbol

Your smile, a radiant sun’s gentle glow, Illuminates my world, melting winter’s snow.

Its warmth embraces my very soul, A love’s ember, eternally aglow.

Your Love Ignites a fire in my heart

Your touch, like silk upon my skin, Ignites a fire, burning deep within.

Every caress, a whispered melody, Infinite passion, dancing wild and free.

Like whispers of love – Boyfriend deep love love Shayari

Your voice, a sweet symphony to my ears, Like whispers of love, it softly adheres.

Each word, a tender promise, ever so kind, A lullaby that eases the troubled mind.

Creating a love story for your love in the darkness of the night

My love for you knows no bounds or end, For you, my darling, my heart will transcend.

In this poem, I offer my heart’s decree, A declaration of love, pure and free..

So let the stars bear witness to our affection, As we journey through life, in perfect connection.

Forever, my love, we shall intertwine, Creating a love story, eternally divine.

In your presence, time stands still, Two souls entwined, an unbreakable will.

Together we embark on a boundless flight, A love that defies darkness, forever alight.

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